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Gather round ladies...

This one's for you. Sorry gentsbut feel free to grab your fav lady because she'll probably want this info!

So, show of handswho gets a Birchbox? If you haven't even heard of Birchboxwell, I'm sorry.

If you're anything like me, I love experimenting with beauty products but wince a little to think I may purchase a full size moisturizer or gasp, expensive fragrance only to HATE it or find out it gives me hives. Cue Birchbox. This company curates a bunch of premium beauty samples (you typically get one full size product as well such as Stila lip glosses and Urban Decay eye liners) so you can test to your little hearts desire and then purchase the full size if you la-la-love it. It's a subscription service and you receive one box per month.

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Anyway, it was what was in one of my most recent Birchbox's that changed my life, 'er face. Before the holiday's, my Birchbox included this interesting little packet called Wei To-Go Sleep Over.

It included a sample of their gelled oil cleanser and the ideal skin perfect finish "cc" cream. By the way, Birchbox is great because not only are their sample sizes perfect for, well, samplingbut they have served me well on the many, many, trips we take. This little ditty was no exception and I promptly threw it in my cosmetics case for holiday traveling. It was the Ideal Skin Perfect Finish "CC" Cream that completely floored me.

My skin is pretty clear but I definitely like the even tone some foundation provides and for a long time my go to has been L'Oreal True Match Super Blendable Compact Makeup. Until this.

Now, I've heard of "BB" creams, never tried them, but this "CC" cream was something differentI think.Read here for the difference because I'm still not sure I completely get it.

Either way, I wasn't expecting much but this product went on smooth and my skin felt and looked completely transformed. I applied it while getting ready in the morning and then spent the rest of the day traveling. I got off the plane looking just as fresh as when I put it on that morning. I was super impressed. It provided this almost airbrushed finish. My complexion remained dewy but not greasy looking, and the color was perfect. I just realized I should probably post a picture of my face proving this claim but I hate having my picture taken and the thought of close up pictures of my face was freaking me out. So. Just trust me.

While I still very much appreciate my True Match compact and it has served me well, I've graduated to this magic potion. I promptly signed on to Birchbox and ordered myself a full size version. You can also find it here, at the Wei To Go Beauty website. However, ordering products from Birchbox earns you points and for every 100 points you earn, you get $10 to spend through Birchboxso it made the $30 price tag on this product a little easier to take. Let me be honest and say, if I did not think this product was absolutely amazing, I would have never in a million years thought to spend $30 on foundationbut seriously, this stuff rocks. So fabulous that you should be able to easily get over the unusual packaging. See the video on this page.

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