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Facebook Advertising | Let's give 'em something to click on!

The communications paradigm has permanently shifted. Once upon a time, an advertisement in the New York Times assured top visibility; this is no longer the case. Attributable in part to declining circulation and the digitization of content, this phenomenon is in larger part because traditional advertising is no longer the most important factor people look to when making purchase decisions. In a world where people share everything with their social media networks, word-of-mouth has become king.

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This new system works just great for large businesses with recognizable names, but what about the little guy? How can small businesses reach an audience online that extends past the reach of their network? Enter social advertising, specifically Facebook ads.

Here are the top 3 reasons why our clients find our Facebook ad campaigns effective:

1. Laser targeting: Beyond focusing on people within a geographic area, we have the ability to include age ranges, favorite activities and many more criteria when defining target audiences. This means that rather than advertising in a magazine which is read by women between the ages of 18-35 in the United States, we can focus our attention 32 year old, college educated mothers whose children are under two years of age. Thats powerful.

2. Performance metrics . What would the Olympics be without a stop watch? With the impressions and ad tracking available within the Facebook platform, any advertisement that is not performing optimally can be paused, altered, and launched again in minutes no need to wait for magazine circulation numbers. Additionally, we have the ability to create and measure more than one ad at a time we can develop a campaign, launch it, measure it, optimize it and get immediate results.

3. Like us! Easily, the fastest way to boost your network. How often is there a button built into an advertisement that let's the reader carry out the exact action intended by said advertisement? Not since perfume samples in Vogue has the Go here, Do this been simpler but even with those little samples there was something missing: shareability.

4. Shareability: When you perform an action inside Facebook, such as liking a video, a business page or you're your goofy friends status, it is published to the newsfeeds of people in your network. The potential for sharing and continued interaction is almost limitless. The bigger your network, the higher your chances of hitting that jackpot. Its that simple.


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