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Why Fundraising With Jordan Essentials Lotion Bars?

Does your school, church, or organization hold fundraisers? Traditionally fundraiser products consist of candy, magazines, or cookie dough. How about a completely different fundraiser item that lasts for months?

Jordan Essentials Bath & Body began in 2000 with a unique product called a lotion bar. To this date we have sold close to 1.5 million lotion bars to customers through home spa parties, individual and online sales, and through fairs or events. This past year the fundraiser program was overhauled and simplified for consultants to help others earn money for schools and other organizations.

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A little about the lotion bar! It is a solid bar of lotion.yes not soap.that comes in a tin and in 15 scents or unscented. All bars are hand poured and the ingredients mixed by hand in large warming vats very slowly. The ingredients go in, are gently blended, and the fragrance of the batch is not determined until it is ready to pour. Quality control is VERY high in making these as they are poured into molds. The system is very unique and also ensures you will not find them on store shelves.

Beeswax, Vitamin E, Sweet Almond Oil, and Apricot Kernel Oil makeup this signature product that softens and relaxes the skin. The great thing is they stay sanitary because there is no water content! Crafters love them because of working with their hands and men love them since the lotion bar also helps with dry cuticles. A few of our most popular scents are Oatmeal Milk and Honey, Pearberry and Day at the Spa.

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