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Makeup tips

Extraordinary as it may seem, you don't actually need every single offering from the beauty counters, and I can bet your bottom dollar that you can look just as fabulous with about a tenth of the makeup on offer. Brands are constantly creating new products that are of the slightest variation from the last one; a simple addition of "added moisture" or "new formula" are classic cases for these, and gimmicky new packaging can fool the more sheep-like amongst us into breaking the bank and buying more unnecessary products.

So, I have some top tips for when you decide to update that cosmetic case of yours.

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1. When at a makeup counter, always ask to try on the product first.

2. Once you have tried it on, ask to see it in a different light (assuming the assistant has applied it using one of those light up mirrors which can give a very different effect to natural light). There has been many a time where a lipstick has looked great whilst blasted with bright light, but when outside it has looked horrendous.

3. Even if you love it once you have tried it on, wear it around a bit before purchasing. Products such as foundation can often oxidise and change colour after a few minutes, and it may be that some products aren't as long lasting as they claim. I liken this step to a road test when trying out new cars. If you are in a rush, most of the time assistants will be more than happy to give you a sample if you seem especially interested (or, like me have killer puppy eyes).

4. If trying concealer/foundation or other products meant to mimic you skin tone, also sample it on the inside of your wrist (or any other place that doesn't receive a lot of sun exposure) to see if the tone will work when you're also at your palest.

5. Buy products you know you will get use out of. This may seem blindingly obvious, but you'd be surprised by how many people buy a product impulsively because it looks good on them and never think about when they will actually use it. *raises hand* Guilty.

So there you have it. Probably nothing you didn't already know, but I just want to save both your dignity (in the case of an impulse purchase gone wrong) and your purses from unnecessary purchases. We've all been there;you buy a product that appears to be great, get home, put it on and experience the wave of disappointment equivalent to opening a Christmas stocking and finding a pair of socks.

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