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Earmuff headphones

Last week, I remember cracking ice off my ears.They became pointed, they we're so frozen. Only joking. They we're paining that badly though. I had my beenie on and pulled down over my ears,but the cold just seems to come right through.

Then, I've got a ten minute walk through Central and up George Street to get to the office. I dress really well, but I can't shake the chill. Tried my 180s ear warmers. Not so comfortable with my earphones though.

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Earmuff headphones serve a true purpose, in that I can wear them and not have to fret about fitting a hat or earmuffs over a pair of headphones. The sound is adequate but obviously muffled by the soft, ear-warming material. These earmuffs warm my ears. The music that comes from the speakers embedded within the earmuffs warms my soul.Thats ok. I've warmed up.

However,these headphones are comfortable and warm in back of the neck style with berber fleece on the inside and excellent range and base in the speakers. I love them but my cat ate the wire so now I need new wires.Update:the nice people at 180s Earmuffs are sending me a free wire to replace the one that was eaten.

Walking through Central to George street is still cold.It will continue to be seriously cold with temperatures less than 35 degrees.

I remember getting to work,unwrapping my scarf,pulling my bienie off and hastily fixing up my hair. Fine presentation at the front desk looking like that!

Still got a good couple months wintery bus trips ahead. Not to bad though. I love the winter!

Earmuff Headphones - Great Gift!

Gave these to my boyfriend and he loves them thinks they are the best thing in the world when it's cold.

Kill your pain and share in the pleasure of earmuff headphones.Itll bring some warmth into your eyes, and warm up your ears.

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