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Top 7 Tips to Looking Younger

Have you ever heard "You have beautiful skin. I bet you got that from your parents."

Sure, genetics plays a part in how you age, but it's much smaller than you think. Intrinsic, or natural aging, is guesstimated to contribute to about 10% of the aging process.

Wait! What?

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So my skin's destiny is not predetermined. That's a relief to some and a major disappointment to others.

Maintaining a youthful appearance requires two things; prevention and protection. As we get older, some very interesting things occur within our skin. Collagen and elastin production that's what gives our skin that flex that firm look and appearance slows down 65% between the ages of 20 and 80. Ugh.

Our skin thins at a rate of 6% every 10 years and over time, ours skins ability to hold water diminishes. It gets thin, and it can't retain and hold moisture, not even the moisture that it creates naturally. As a result, the supple appearance is replaced with a dry, dull look. These are known as intrinsic aging factors.

So what makes up the other 90%?

In the war against aging, this enemy has a name: actinic aging.

And we can fight it!

Actinic aging is a by-product of being exposed to the environment. In the environment, we have exposure to free radicals and these free radicals break down skin cells.

A picture tells a story so much better than words so take a look at these identical twins. We all know identical twin share identical DNA so they we're both born with the same intrinsic aging factors. It's what they could control that made such a difference in their skin.

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