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India is the Guru of Jewellery making

In Common, when ever we talk about jewellery, or search about jewellery making in internet, We only find Western style jewellery making. But the world of jewellery making, is much bigger than what we see. India was the world's biggest trade center before British invasion. Indian jewellery making pre dates all civilizations. At present India is the largest consumer of Gold or Gold jewellery. In India people buy jewellery for all occasions like birthday, marriage, on festivals, some time they buy without reason. In India People not only buy gold Jewellery as fashion object, but also as an secure saving.jewellery is considered as security and prestige of women in India.Jewellery wearing is also linked to Indian religion. jewellery is also an identity in India like wearing mangalsutra or toe ring is the identity of married women. In Hindu holy books, different type of jewellery or designs are mentioned.

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The techniques of making Jewellery in India, are different then western jewellery making. In West most of the jewellery are made with casting method, in India casting method is an small part of jewellery making. Different methods of jewellery making are still exists in India like Kundan, jadau, Lac jewellery,Pachchikam Jewellery,Meenakari (enamelling), Bengali, pilgiri, karwar style, coimbatore style, mangalore style and many more. Each styles are unique in it's engineering. most of the Jewellery in india are Home made, by independent craft man. In olden days, goldsmiths must have to know, all the process of jewellery making. Nowadays specialist trend exist in jewellery making like Medical physicians. Modern jewellery job work is not centralized. Example: For melting ,for wire or sheet making or Dies, for finishing, for cutting, for stone setting, for gold coating you have to go to different experts. That brings the perfection in Indian jewellery. Indian jewellery makers are forward in craftsmanship and art, but the same time they are still economically backward.

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