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One man's trash is another man's treasure

The phrase One man's trash is another man's treasure is no joking matter at the Good will Kapolei Store & Donation Center ; in fact, it's really the spirit behind our merchandising method. Store Manager (myself) and Sales Supervisor take pride in making one mans trash another mans treasure; by coordinating and designing displays that emphasize the excellent quality of donations received, we are able to balance a home decor superstore feeling to our small, intimate store. One of the things that we really enjoy doing at our store is making beautiful displays out of what our donors thoughtfully send us. I have a very passionate love of interior decorating and home design; so a perfect work day for me is coming in and treasure hunting in my own store to find things that fit just right together and make an outstanding presentation for my customers.

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Happy customers equates to more sales and more sales means Goodwill Industries of Hawaii can help more people to further it's mission of helping people with employment barriers reach their full potential and become self-sufficient.

The treasure hunts usually begin with Doreen and me discussing a color pallet for each end panel, a theme if you will. The themes for each presentation vary depending on the merchandise that is in the store at the time. Doreen says, Our themes have been almost everything you can think of from under the sea all the way to cozy home library. Since the merchandise is donated and signature items" have no scheduled delivery date, there is no way to plan for displays or merchandise ahead of time. We really have to make decisions on the spot that will showcase our finest products in a way that you don't generally see when bargain shopping. I have a background in visual merchandising and I can honestly say that the most challenging thing that I have ever done is try to decorate displays at Goodwill with limited resources, but it's the absolute best challenge for me, I really enjoy it.

It takes us a good bit of time to shop around the store and pick out things that coordinate well together, and then set them up with as much finesse and being as fengshui as we possibly can. The end results always make us, and more importantly, our customers very happy. We have several customers that return week after week looking for those special items; their treasures that can be used to enhance the beauty of their homes. That's what it's really all about to us, consistently providing a customer experience that keeps our shoppers happy.

When you donate to Goodwill and shop at Goodwill you make an investment in your community because more than 90 percent of total revenues at the retail stores support Goodwill's mission .

Come and visit us at the Kapolei Store & Donation Center!

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